Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What percentage (Cacao) is your chocolate? 

A: Our Dark Chocolate is very mild. It is a blend that hovers around 55%. This provides a creamy dark chocolate without the "chalky" or "bitter" taste of higher percentages. It has a wide appeal and often pleases those who claim they do not like dark chocolate.

Q: What does the percentage mean?

A: Cacao percentage is widely misunderstood. The actual percentage reflects the content of the total chocolate liquor, cocao butter and cacao solids.  These three components can be combined in any ratio yet have the same total percentage. The remainder of the chocolate is primarily sugar commonly with vanilla and possibly some lecithin to help emulsify the mixture.

Q: What allergens are in your chocolate?

A: All of our chocolate contains soy lecition. Many products contain dairy and nuts. All products are made on shared equipment with dairy, peanuts and tree nuts. Please take appropriate precautions if you have any allergies. Contact us with any questions.

Q: Do you have any Vegan products?

A: Yes, our dark chocolate is inherently vegan. Several of our bars are as well: Dark Chocolate (1.75oz, 3.0oz, 5.0oz), Dark Chocolate with Almonds (1.75oz, 3.0oz, 5.0oz), Dark Chocolate with Chili (1.75oz, 3.0oz).

Q: Does your chocolate contain any GMOs?

A: No. We carefully select our ingredients to insure that they do not contain any genetically modified products.

Q: Are your products Fair Trade certified?

A: We do not have a Fair Trade certification. However, we work with reputable suppliers that are committed to maintaining or exceeding our ethical standards in every area of operations.

Following is an excerpt from their corporate policy:

"We source our raw materials, goods and services from a large number of suppliers around the world. We select our supply chain partners carefully. With operations in more than 20 countries, we recognize that our businesses have an influence on the livelihoods of many people around the world. Accordingly, we take the environmental and social impact of our business operations into consideration and strive to contribute responsibly to the communities where we operate. 

We pay particular attention to conditions in countries of origin and in countries that lack a welfare structure. We regard activities that help to empower cocoa farmers, for example, to be an important factor in ensuring a sustainable cocoa industry and facilitating the economic growth of origin countries.

We support and respect the principles set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We strongly condemn slavery and abusive labor practices including any form of child slavery or practices that exploit children or expose them to harmful or hazardous conditions. We are fully committed to playing our part in industry actions towards abolishing the worst forms of labor. No such practices have been reported or will be tolerated."

Q: Where does your chocolate come from? Is it single origin?

A: We utilize a blend of chocolates that allow greater control for supply and consistency. We are not dependent on single farms or regions and are less likely to be affected by climate, political or market fluctuations. This allows us to continuously provide high quality chocolate to our customers without gaps in production.

Q: Is your chocolate organic?

A: We do not have a certified organic chocolate at this time. Our primary focus is creating the best tasting chocolates possible. We are constantly sampling new products and look forward to the day that we have a certified organic product that satisfies our taste criteria. We strive for high quality ingredients and currently use many organic ingredients. As we continue to make that transition, our labels will be updated to reflect the progress.

Q: Why do you use soy lecithin in your chocolate?

A: Soy lecithin has been an industry standard for quite some time. A small amount of soy lecithin is used to help the chocolate emulsify into a homogeneous mixture. The lecithin in our chocolate is derived from NON-GMO soy. Many producers are beginning to switch to a sunflower lecithin and we are monitoring the transition. 


Q: How do you work to maintain environmental responsibility?

We strive to be an environmentally conscious organization.

We are proud to utilize a local printing company that prints on recycled paper with vegetable based inks. Our bar labels and boxes are recyclable as well. As a manufacturer, we produce very little waste and are constantly looking for ways to reduce our footprint.

We work to minimize packaging and use recyclable or compostable materials whenever possible. On occasion, you may receive a package from us containing less than desirable packing materials. We reuse materials sent to us and hope that you do the same. 

If you have any additional ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear them!